VC Glennie
Painter, scientist, illustrator and animator.

Valda-Christine Glennie was born in London, Ontario and spent her high school
years in England at Roedean in Brighton, Sussex. After graduating with A-levels
in the arts, she returned to Canada and earned her B.A. at the University of
Western Ontario. Inspired to continue learning, Valda-Christine explored academic channels that allowed her to combine her artistic abilities with her interest in science. 
She enrolled in Art As Applied to Medicine offered by University of Toronto, an intensive program which covered anatomy, embryology, physiology, neurology, ophthalmology 
and dental anatomy. Upon graduation with a B.Sc. A.A.M. Valda-Christine began freelancing in Toronto providing medical illustrations for educational, publishing and           pharmaceutical markets. After a number of years working independently and with an interest in  animation, she enrolled in Sheridan College's Computer Animation program. After graduating from Sheridan, she worked as a computer animator in the US for, Inc., engaged in the business of  web publishing.

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